Write an 8086 assembly program that prompts the user for input string (small letters), save it into the
memory and do the followings: (you can assume the input string is no longer than 50 characters).
A- Validate the input string and accept only alphabet characters (‘a’ … ‘z’).
B- Print the string on the screen in capital letters.
C- Print the number of alphabet characters in the entered string.
D- Print the number of words in the entered string in a new line.
E- Encrypt the characters of the string by rotating the ASCCII code of each character two bits right. Print the
encrypted string on the screen at new line. Also, Store the encrypted string into a new array in the

Question A088A

Case Analysis 1: “RoseMarie Ginez Restaurant: What now my love? “

Rose Restaurant is full of customers on any given day. It is not surprising because of its location in the central district of Santiago City. Its 27-year-old owner, Rosemarie is more than happy because she was able to realize her dream of becoming successful in the food business. She now owns the building she used to rent. Served in its large air-conditioned function hall are native and Chinese delicacies. Native and Chinese delicacies are served in its large air-conditioned activity hall. The place has plenty of parking space for 20 cars. It was in the restaurant where she first met her husband in 1990. It is now 1996 and both she and her husband are working hard to make the business even larger and more successful.

Rose’s troubles began when her husband informed her that he must return to Shanghai as soon as possible. His parents are already old and weak and are requesting him to home back and tend to the family business. Being the only son, he could not say no. Rose is now mulling over her chances of succeeding in business is if she decides to be with her husband in Shanghai. Positive developments in the economy of Shanghai, however, she is experiencing a more complicated decision.

Using the Case Analysis Format below provides the necessary answer for each category. Type your answers in the space provided or attach a word document together with a format.

I. Introduction – Identify the key problems in the case study above.

II. Solution – Provide one realistic solution to the problem and explain the reasons behind the proposed solution.

III. Alternative Approach – Identify the possible alternative approach to solve the problem.

IV . Risk Assessment: Identify the risks associated with each alternative and the reasons why they are not the best solution.

V. Value Analysis: Name the business value that can be generated from each alternative.

Question A046A

Creative management depends on methods of Inquiry that maintain Objectivity, Clarity, Accuracy and Consistency.” Discuss the statement and examine the significance of the Research?

Question A044B

Abush Manufacturing Company produces two different types of Tractor. These are Hiwot and Durex. Hiwot requires 9 minutes to assemble and 2 minutes to package. While Durex requires 12 minutes to assemble and 6 minutes to package. In addition, each type has an engine. The company has 720 minutes of assembly time available 75 engines and 300 minutes of packaging time. Profits are b. 45 for Hiwot and br. 70 for Durex both per unit.

a. Formulate the Linear anagramming model for the problem. (Show all the necessary steps)
b. Determine how many tractors of each type to make in order to maximize total profit (use simplex method)
c. Interpret your result

Question A035B

A 33.00 mL sample of an unknown H3PO4 solution is titrated with a 0.120 M NaOH solution. The equivalence point is reached when 28.13 mL of NaOH solution is added.
What is the concentration of the unknown H3PO4 solution? The neutralization reaction is

Question A034B

For the adsorption of N_{2} on 1.00 g of ZnO the volumes (converted to 0 degrees * C and 1 atm) of N_{2} adsorbed were 1.06 and 2.08c * m ^ 3 * g ^ – 1 when the equilibrium pressures were 183 and 533 mmHg respectively. Assuming Langmuir behavior, i) Calculate the equilibrium constant (or adsorption constant)

ii) If N_{2} molecule covers 1.2 * 10 ^ – 18 * m ^ 2 calculate the surface area of a 1 g sample of


Question A033B

Consider a potential that can be written as:
V = A[x) (x₂
(xlx) = 1,
, and
some state vector in Hilbert space.
c) Calculate the scattering amplitude in
terms of the functions. g(p) = <p|x>.

Question A033B

Beatrice Michael owns a small manufacturing business. Information for the years ended 31 December 2019 and 31 December 2020 is as follows: 2019 2020 Sales revenue 320,000 280,000 Cost of sales 160,000 160,000 Overheads 140,000 90,000 Current assets 420,000 360,000 Current liabilities 140,000 180,000 REQUIRED i. Calculate a relevant ratio to show the liquidity of the business for each of the two years. State the formula used. Calculate one relevant ratio to show the profitability of the business for each of the two years. State the formula used. iii. Write a report to Beatrice explaining the significance of the ratios calculated.
From the following trial balance of G. Brown after his first year’s trading, you are required to draw up an income statement for the year ending 30th June 2020. Also prepare a balance sheet as at 30th June 2020. Trial balance as at 30th June 2020 Dr(000) Cr(000) Sales 265,900 Purchases 154,870 Rent 4,200 Lighting and heating expenses 530 Salaries and wages 51,400 Insurance 2,100 Buildings 85,000 Fixtures 1,100 Accounts payable 31,300 Sundry expenses 412 Accounts payable 15,910 Cash at bank 14,590 Drawings 30,000 Vans 16,000 Motor running expenses 4,110 Capital 114,202 396,012 396,012 Inventory at 30 June 2020 was TSh16,280,000.

Question A030B

Citi Bank Limited uses Force Account in its project executions. The bank is considering factoring its accounts receivables. Credit sales total TZS 8,000,000,000/= and its collection period is not more than 50 days in a year of 365 days. The company has been experiencing severe cash flow problems and ABSA Factor Limited is prepared to offer the company the following factoring terms: 40% on each invoice will be paid immediately and interest will be charged at 2% above the current prime rate of 12%. Service fees will be charged at 2% of total sales. Citi Bank Limited is offered a discount of 3% for cash settlement by its suppliers, subject to a discount amount of 40% of its total sales. Citi Bank Limited will save about TZS 50,000,000/= in expenses if it were to factor. Required: Calculate the effective cost of factoring. Is this form of factoring effective?
Justify your answer.

Question A013A

shugoshin proteins are involved in _?