Question A088A

Case Analysis 1: “RoseMarie Ginez Restaurant: What now my love? “

Rose Restaurant is full of customers on any given day. It is not surprising because of its location in the central district of Santiago City. Its 27-year-old owner, Rosemarie is more than happy because she was able to realize her dream of becoming successful in the food business. She now owns the building she used to rent. Served in its large air-conditioned function hall are native and Chinese delicacies. Native and Chinese delicacies are served in its large air-conditioned activity hall. The place has plenty of parking space for 20 cars. It was in the restaurant where she first met her husband in 1990. It is now 1996 and both she and her husband are working hard to make the business even larger and more successful.

Rose’s troubles began when her husband informed her that he must return to Shanghai as soon as possible. His parents are already old and weak and are requesting him to home back and tend to the family business. Being the only son, he could not say no. Rose is now mulling over her chances of succeeding in business is if she decides to be with her husband in Shanghai. Positive developments in the economy of Shanghai, however, she is experiencing a more complicated decision.

Using the Case Analysis Format below provides the necessary answer for each category. Type your answers in the space provided or attach a word document together with a format.

I. Introduction – Identify the key problems in the case study above.

II. Solution – Provide one realistic solution to the problem and explain the reasons behind the proposed solution.

III. Alternative Approach – Identify the possible alternative approach to solve the problem.

IV . Risk Assessment: Identify the risks associated with each alternative and the reasons why they are not the best solution.

V. Value Analysis: Name the business value that can be generated from each alternative.

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